Boston Comic Con 2014 haul: Batman ‘66 pins, by Jonathan Reincke (tumblr)

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Okay, I’m tired of working on this, so I guess that means I’m done with it. So I re-did Raven again since the last WIP I did, just adjusted the proportions of her head and body, changed the pose a little and furled out the cape as some suggested.

I doubt I’ll make any further changes after this.

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Jason Todd - Kris Anka

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David Cain

¬ “Trust you? You suck. You are a….terrible father. Don’t know why… I bothered.”

[Batgirl #65]

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I made one change. To the end

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I’M NOT FINISHED YET! This time I have a message for YOU.  - requested by thenitewolf

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Teen Titans 30 day challenge ➡ What scene made you ridiculously angry?

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"Behold the world you are destined to create…."

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It won’t kill you to smile, Robin…

Yeah so anyway… not my first Teen Titans drawing but definitely the first I’m uploading on my own tumblr.  

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The WWII history nerd in me is seriously loving this.

Portraying comic book heroines and villains in a vintage style is seriously awesome, especially since many of the characters debuted during this era.

Ant Lucia, you are a genius.

(Images via Ant Lucia and DC Comics)

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marvel & dc + girls & tears and sadness

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